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Taiwan High Speed Rail - Passenger Guide. cars or trains of higher fare shall make up the difference of fare for pass -through intervals after the change of cars or Trains. In the event of a violation, passengers may be additionally charged.
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The Exchange Order for a THSR PASS can only be used for the purpose of . refer to the use rules of the “Standard THSR and Taiwan Railway PASS ” for..

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Please pay for and get the tickets with a valid ID and order No. No particular tickets are reserved for on-site passengers. The TR-pass holder may take intercity and Juguang trains unlimitedly during the valid dates. Information Security Policy Privacy Policy. Depending on time, budget and destination, visitors are free to make a choice. Please present your ticket or swipe your Easy Card at the gate.

Payment may be made in cash or with credit card. If the tickets are booked two days or less from the departure day, payment must be made at least one day prior to departure. Taipei weather jiufen map. D TR-pass: There are TR-passes for students and general passengers. Follow instructions, key in booking info, and have the order sheet printed. A Glance at Taiwan. Please present your ticket or swipe your Easy Card at the gate.

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  • No reservations may be made when taking Fuxing and Juguang trains, however.
  • Event thsrpass pass rule

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There are several types of passenger trains, such as intercity, Fuxing, Juguang and Ziqiang. C Taiwan Railways Multi-card System: Multi-cards, such as Easy Card, iPass and Taiwan Smart Card, may be used to take the trains.

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