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usenet news newsgroup in zolife.infoan on the imbalance of asian women/caucasian male .. Not topic related but so funny -if you can get Chinese joke .. Oh, and whoa, lots of insults in the comments here!.

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I want them to appreciate me. Being from Southern Illinois.

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I've probably dated more Asian girls than white girls. Yes, we ALL know that Asian women prefer white men because they only have redeeming qualities because they're the only race that doesn't suffer from racial stereotypes. What about guys that die for British ladies and their amazing accent? They just happen to be interested in Asians. Me, I have Irish, German, English, Scottish, and American Indian blood in me. Its not really a big deal to me.. He takes some worn stereotypes to make his point backed up by his own biased perception.

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The Idea Of Going Home. However, there are quite a few Asian women whom I find quite unattractive. Mixed babies are almost ,always cute.