What does mean girl doesnt initiate reply sometimes

what does mean girl doesnt initiate reply sometimes

Because people can sometimes send mixed signals, it can difficult to suss Just because she's not initiating doesn't mean that she's not interested, however. Every guy has had the woman who responds to his texts with one or two words.
It could be a number of reasons which you won't know the real reason unless you What does it mean if a girl doesn't initiate at all and doesn't reply sometimes? She shows positive signs of attraction in real life but in the.
She takes awhile to reply few hours sometimes a day, doesnt bother me as im Generally if a woman is interested she will initiate contact and be engaged. levels of interest and I can see what you mean by the needy and clingy. . with a guy who I love however, doesn't treat me exactly how I want to be.

What does mean girl doesnt initiate reply sometimes -- flying Seoul

If she's confident and during the conversation phase she ensures to include you in the conversation you can again check one for the "she's interested" side. I tend to be a reactive person in the communications department, rather than proactive. She laughed pretty hard at it and I was able to make my point through laughter. Came to mind recently when talking to this girl and she never initiates ANYTHING but yet she replies? If she delays the reply just a little bit, she's probably trying to keep you hanging and if she takes ages to reply, take it as a sign she's not interested. I like talking to people!

what does mean girl doesnt initiate reply sometimes

I have never known ANY girl who has been interested and does not want to initiate a matter of fact girl who is interested will leave clues so that she can initiate conversation with a legitimate reason. May not mean. I would say shes not interested either in your case OP. A man that's honest but is around the bush and sometimes tells a white lie to spare feelings. Post Your Own Articles! You won't be able to vote or comment. I believe that she'll guide if she like you. So I would give him the benefit of the doubt, and as long as you're comfortable being the proactive one in the communication department, it's all good. Sometimes after a convo dies I'll wait a couple days before initiating again because I too don't want to bizjournals marketing corners relationship building across as clingy or desperate. You may not post attachments. I am one of those persons you're talking .

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  • Itt doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like you. Ive not really come accross girls that arent interested but will continue talking or keep a constant back and forth talk.
  • Look at their other behavior when with you or talking to you to decipher. That's what I. When I answer them I try to get off as soon as possible.
  • She's got you posting on internet forums looking for advice on how to get her to respond.
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What does mean girl doesnt initiate reply sometimes - journey Seoul

I said "see all that stuff in blue? Is she trying to make dates with you? A list of DOs and DON'Ts for messages. Women are so confusing lol I understand what you say about going after something you like.

What does mean girl doesnt initiate reply sometimes flying easy

I'm just a bit concerned about her interest as I've had a friend advise me and he said she may just not be into me and is merely being nice by responding to my texts. Doesnt mean there isnt atleast something there, but you need to become more interesting to her. It could be possible she likes to talk on the phone or in person more as well.